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01-04-2019 07:38:35  <SuchWow>   https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/04/01/dogecoin-no-longer-worth-1-doge

16-01-2019 06:40:41  <funkenstein_>   SuchWow, no idea, old coins being moved. Slightly odd behavior in mempool size also, breaking the usual sinusoid with transaction peak at chinese midday.

16-01-2019 00:30:06  <SuchWow>   recent spike in coin days destroyed

16-01-2019 00:29:55  <SuchWow>   what does anyone make of this https://fork.lol/blocks/cdd

05-01-2019 16:45:45  <SuchWow>   slightly relevant to your point tho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEQOvyGbBtY

05-01-2019 16:44:53  <SuchWow>   adlai: nice lol. I just meant inside this channel. I seem to remember some weird system before that prevented me from speaking unless I was on a list or some such.

05-01-2019 14:27:28  <adlai>   SuchWow: the public is not allowed to speak freely, but good luck saying the test vectors in public.

04-01-2019 09:56:24  <funkenstein_>   SuchWow, what did you find interesting about the 1929 seniors footage?

04-01-2019 07:16:19  <SuchWow>   https://youtu.be/0FE30a4J38Q

04-01-2019 07:15:50  <SuchWow>   impressive

04-01-2019 07:15:43  <SuchWow>   the public is allowed to speak freely now?

04-01-2019 07:14:35  <SuchWow>   what's new

04-01-2019 07:14:04  <SuchWow>   hello

03-04-2016 20:17:37  <jurov>   !up SuchWow

01-03-2016 14:39:09  <jurov>   SuchWow: what about the code your ass runs on? no trust system needed?

01-03-2016 14:37:13  <SuchWow>   the world needs it

01-03-2016 14:37:11  <SuchWow>   keep on being intelligent

01-03-2016 14:37:00  <SuchWow>   i jest i jest, really going now lol

01-03-2016 14:36:49  <SuchWow>   then maybe there is no need for an enforceable trust system before one can speak ;)

01-03-2016 14:28:53  <SuchWow>   lol

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