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Fri Mar 22 19:48:31 UTC 2019  <pankkake>   lol @ A

Fri Mar 22 19:46:56 UTC 2019  <assbot>   Bitwise sur Twitter : "1/ New Research from us @BitwiseInvest. As part of 226 slides presented to the SEC on our ETF filing, we did a first-of-its-kind analysis of *order book data* from all 81 exchanges reporting >$1M in BTC volume on CMC. TLDR: 95% of reported volume is fake but LOTS of good new ... ( http://bit.ly/2TpHJMf )

Fri Mar 08 13:10:34 UTC 2019  <asciilifeform>   adlai: a++ blog

Fri Mar 08 07:51:20 UTC 2019  <pankkake>   I don't know why, this looked like a blog made with emacs

Fri Jan 25 18:51:20 UTC 2019  <Kio45567899>   Hi, could there be any Problem, when I directly enter the bitcoin address of an service by a bitcoin cash automat? I don't send it to my address instead I directly enter the services address?

Sat Jan 05 16:44:53 UTC 2019  <SuchWow>   adlai: nice lol. I just meant inside this channel. I seem to remember some weird system before that prevented me from speaking unless I was on a list or some such.

Sat Jan 05 14:28:56 UTC 2019  <adlai>   eg, "i killed my congressperson and all i got was a 'fuck the draft' t-shirt"

Thu Jan 03 07:51:49 UTC 2019  <funkenstein_>   Ultima-Thule looks a lot like Churyumov-Gerasimenko doncha think?

Fri Dec 28 15:07:52 UTC 2018  <funkenstein_>   however it has not been measured experimentally, whether antimatter falls up or down in a g field

Fri Dec 28 15:04:53 UTC 2018  <funkenstein_>   As to the power of the artifacts I don't know. There's a great book called "the secret lives of inanimate objects" which documents a lot of rl stories of the power of artifacts

Fri Dec 28 05:03:10 UTC 2018  <adlai>   but there's quite a difference between loss and theft, and recovery and location

Tue Dec 25 07:14:29 UTC 2018  <funkenstein_>   remember our hero fell for the letter from the girl trick and followed directions into a cave?

Wed Dec 19 05:29:18 UTC 2018  <assbot>   L’Assemblée Nationale rejette les amendements visant à améliorer le dispositif fiscal prévu pour les crypto-actifs – Bitcoin.fr ... ( http://bit.ly/2PK3Rit )

Wed Dec 19 05:29:17 UTC 2018  <funkenstein_>   https://bitcoin.fr/lassemblee-nationale-rejette-les-amendements-visant-a-ameliorer-le-dispositif-fiscal-prevu-pour-les-crypto-actifs/

Wed Dec 19 00:27:02 UTC 2018  <adlai>   (or was it, "compass and a gun")

Tue Dec 18 20:51:02 UTC 2018  <jurov>   https://breakermag.com/trapped-at-sea-with-cryptos-nouveau-riche/ "CoinsBank, the company organizing the cruise, has left little welcome gift boxes in each of the rooms. They contain painkillers, Alka-Seltzer, several condoms, the world’s flimsiest pregnancy test, and a half-bottle of Jägermeister."

Mon Dec 10 00:38:33 UTC 2018  <kakobrekla>   and this is (a part of) how you put kgpe d16 into fractal mid tower (prolly best case around atm) http://smpake.com/tmpub/d16-to-r6.jpg

Tue Nov 27 01:29:49 UTC 2018  <copypaste>   i got a really good recommendation when i asked tihs same question in this channel in re: philippines

Sun Nov 18 06:47:06 UTC 2018  <assbot>   Zappa Plays Zappa - Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2OQsoSL )

Sun Nov 11 10:47:44 UTC 2018  <assbot>   Midnight Magic sur Twitter : "By the way—for what it's worth, moving to Gitlab would be a suuuuper bad idea. Terrible. Even after the M$ acquisition. I saw that suggestion at some point earlier in this weirdly massive thread and just wanted to point that out.… https://t.co/przbyw1ZFS" ... ( http://bit.ly/2OD7QNh )

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