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17-05-2017 17:12:04  <asciilifeform>   not the thai whores and megabux, no, these make sense. but the at the same time sitting in ye olde #b-a and churning out 'mp is a tard! scammed' etc. almost as if working day job

23-12-2016 02:02:33  <asciilifeform>   consider, e.g., flying mig, is a day job for some. yet rich folx do and pay $maxint for it!

24-08-2016 17:35:04  <asciilifeform>   that mp has to do bbet as a 'day job' forever ?

26-05-2016 20:00:44  <kakobrekla>   asciilifeform> kakobrekla imho this is quite an unpleasant job and you oughta demand pay... < you forgot already i get a billion a day from usg?

02-05-2016 19:19:43  <asciilifeform>   i described my day job to mp today

29-04-2016 20:56:51  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: consider how i treat my day job, which pays for my food, vs tmsr, which pays 0

09-02-2016 21:44:45  <asciilifeform>   incidentally, i suppose that this is when i confess that this is actually my day job

06-02-2016 17:40:30  <asciilifeform>   my point was that if you want astronomy, and all you have to work with is astrologers, the only possible thing that could ever work is a) wait 1000 years, be very patient or b) track down promising ones and cut them loose from day job assembling horoscopes

10-01-2016 20:06:28  <asciilifeform>   chaum et al are the flip side of the 'everybody has a day job' crap

23-11-2015 20:31:48  <asciilifeform>   e.g., paul linebarger, pen named 'cordwainer smith' - his day job was honchoing u.s. psychological warfare school in ww2.

28-10-2015 00:33:07  <asciilifeform>   it is my day job.

17-10-2015 18:00:46  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: aha. had a day job.

07-10-2015 14:19:19  <asciilifeform>   (the other problem is that everybody, self included, was doing it in 'spare cycles, tired from day job' mode and none of the equipment was ever really made to work / nothing ever happened

22-09-2015 03:51:26  <asciilifeform>   eh day job

25-08-2015 03:18:57  <asciilifeform>   'Just so you know this stuff about Tor has me worried... Please don't make this public, but my day job involves intelligence, and I'm in a relatively high position. You know, I went into the job years ago with very different thoughts about it than I do now. The last, well, decade really has changed a lot of minds in this field, in totally different ways. Myself I am on the side of Snowden and Assange, but... lets just say when

24-08-2015 23:02:26  <asciilifeform>   re: the evicted 'castle': 'Do you have a fancy college degree or a job in a STEM field? Do you have fewer than two tattoos? Do you avoid Tinder dates and songs with explicit lyrics? Do you spend more than two hours a day exercising? Then you may be qualified to live at the Startup Castle, a self-proclaimed ?community of excellence? located in a 17,000-square foot mansion in Woodside, California, just minutes from Stanford

17-06-2015 15:22:14  <assbot>   Logged on 17-06-2015 13:34:30; asciilifeform: given as presently i can't even afford to not have a day job which eats 98% of time & energy

17-06-2015 13:34:30  <asciilifeform>   given as presently i can't even afford to not have a day job which eats 98% of time & energy

05-05-2015 01:35:16  <asciilifeform>   and probably has a day job, so he doesn't need anything like a 'living wage' either

08-04-2015 03:07:46  <asciilifeform>   grueling day job could easily be -where- he made 250 accounts

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