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18-02-2015 00:22:36  <assbot>   CAVIRTEX Shutting Down Withdrawals "Temporarily Disabled" | Qntra.net ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACfQpG )

17-02-2015 23:29:35  <pete_dushenski>   ;;later tell cazalla i forgot a title! please to consider "CAVIRTEX, the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Canada, closes doors out of embarrassment "

25-01-2015 07:32:38  <pete_dushenski>   his shop did the new website for cavirtex

25-01-2015 07:27:14  <ben_vulpes>   wait, cavirtex is virtex?

25-01-2015 07:26:47  <mircea_popescu>   CAVirtex, Canada?s largest and oldest Bitcoin online exchange, is facing a potential class action lawsuit to the tune of $884,880 CAD. The alleged losses were incurred by the lawsuit-bringers after the company offered 10% of its shares for sale on the cryptocurrency-based asset exchange, Havelock Investments then stopped listing the stock by the end of 2013.

25-01-2015 07:24:19  <ben_vulpes>   oh is there a CaVirtEx and VirtEx?

25-01-2015 07:22:32  <ben_vulpes>   CaVirtEx

29-10-2014 02:19:22  <assbot>   CAVIRTEX Class Action Lawsuit | The official class action lawsuit against CAVIRTEX

14-10-2014 20:21:36  <penguirker>   New blog post: http://www.bcoinnews.com/cavirtex-technical-issue/

07-10-2014 22:35:52  <penguirker>   New blog post: https://www.bcoinnews.com/cavirtex-technical-issue/

28-08-2014 22:20:16  <mircea_popescu>   ThickAsThieves: i suspect Cavirtex is doing fundraising or such and wants to fuck over the real early angels << if this is true, the published announcement opens all the directors to pretty serious criminal liability, not to mention that any court would undo the "sale".

28-08-2014 17:54:34  <jurov>   cavirtex - the original DERP

28-08-2014 15:25:15  <ThickAsThieves>   https://bitcointa.lk/threads/havelock-cavirtex-is-about-to-collapse.212522/

28-08-2014 15:25:15  <assbot>   Havelock Cavirtex is about to collapse | Bitcointa.lk

28-08-2014 15:24:52  <ThickAsThieves>   this reminds me, wasnt there a dude repeatedly doing FUD on Cavirtex in the mos before delisting?

28-08-2014 15:20:34  <ThickAsThieves>   not 2 weeks cavirtex is doing PR about Bitcoin ATMs in malls, they are growing, not dying

28-08-2014 15:02:41  <ThickAsThieves>   i suspect Cavirtex is doing fundraising or such and wants to fuck over the real early angels

28-08-2014 15:02:33  <nubbins`>   imagine you own cavirtex. wouldn't you do anything in your power to eat up all profits and never pay a dividend?

28-08-2014 14:52:00  <ThickAsThieves>   dvsdude has questions about cavirtex

27-08-2014 17:08:43  <nubbins`>   ^ cavirtex / havelock shenanigans

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