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19-01-2016 19:36:28  <pete_dushenski>   "Hey {!firstname_fix}, Happy New Year! We are starting 2016 with some fireworks of our own – Cavirtex (and our parent Coinsetter) is being acquired by Kraken, a premier bitcoin exchange." << from actual e-mail

19-01-2016 18:55:27  <funkenstein_>   "Today, Kraken expands to the United States and Canada and acquires major exchanges Coinsetter and Cavirtex!"

16-04-2015 07:23:52  <ben_vulpes>   !s cavirtex coinsetter

16-04-2015 07:23:52  <assbot>   2 results for 'cavirtex coinsetter' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=cavirtex+coinsetter

16-04-2015 07:23:06  <ben_vulpes>   http://qntra.net/2015/04/cavirtex-reopens-under-coinsetter/ << oh no scoop credit thanks pete

16-04-2015 04:16:47  <BingoBoingo>   http://qntra.net/2015/04/cavirtex-reopens-under-coinsetter/

08-04-2015 20:31:14  <BingoBoingo>   <mircea_popescu> dude i swear there was a different coinsetter that was trying to be a sort of coindeks << I constantly run into new ventures that imagine they are qntra competitors

08-04-2015 19:55:42  <assbot>   Coinsetter | AngelList ... ( http://bit.ly/1CpI6X4 )

08-04-2015 19:55:40  <mircea_popescu>   the angel list thing they got is a tad lulzy. ( https://angel.co/coinsetter )

08-04-2015 19:53:23  <assbot>   Logged on 30-04-2013 01:55:22; mjr___: kakobrekla: "The skateboard ride to Saks today was a little rough, but the skateboard back was great!" I am not joking that is the latest status update from coinsetter CEO...he's a nice guy

08-04-2015 19:51:42  <assbot>   14 results for 'coinsetter' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=coinsetter

08-04-2015 19:51:41  <mircea_popescu>   !s coinsetter

08-04-2015 19:50:48  <mircea_popescu>   dude i swear there was a different coinsetter that was trying to be a sort of coindeks

08-04-2015 19:49:58  <assbot>   Trade Securely on Wall Street's Bitcoin Exchange - Coinsetter ... ( http://bit.ly/1aL5AjK )

08-04-2015 19:48:27  <ben_vulpes>   sure, coinsetter's not liked around here but grok i not how 'tis a newspaper.

08-04-2015 19:47:29  <mircea_popescu>   mostly because coinsetter thinks it can print ?

08-04-2015 19:47:23  <mircea_popescu>   oh, i see, because they have no btc, all they have is "mindshare", and in respect to that pseudo-capital coinsetter is better capitalised than cavirtex ?

08-04-2015 19:46:15  <ben_vulpes>   cavirtex acquired by coinsetter

02-12-2014 06:11:02  <ben_vulpes>   Coinsetter's order book."

02-12-2014 06:11:00  <ben_vulpes>   cazalla: "Coinsetter is now promoting participation in the bitcoin market to professional market makers by offering maker-taker pricing and a new equity incentive program beginning today. The 'Market Making Equity Incentive Program' will set aside 10% of the company's equity for distribution to institutionally-capitalized designated market makers (DMMs) who provide at least $300k of liquidity to

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