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22-10-2014 12:57:47  <jurov>   !s davout law

01-07-2013 20:50:21  <davout>   because the law requires them to

01-07-2013 21:16:21  <davout>   people have so many misconceptions about the law and what it says and doesn't say

11-09-2015 09:13:44  <davout>   "will cost exabytes to fully move" <<< it's ok because moore's law

20-02-2014 14:06:18  <BingoBoingo>   davout: It's true though from my understanding of EU law and ancestery.

19-03-2014 20:23:47  <mircea_popescu>   davout are you trying to get me in trouble with the law ?

10-05-2014 19:20:01  <davout>   but that's usually very clearly laid out in the law

22-10-2014 11:21:35  <jurov>   davout any news? you said there's some stupid french law pending

09-01-2015 22:09:02  <davout>   what's gun law like in argentina? can you just go and get one?

17-02-2014 11:29:36  <davout>   Willdude123: "teh law" is something relative to where you live, so unless you specify *which* law it is impossible to go further

19-02-2014 21:10:16  <davout>   saying that law enforcement will fuck you regardless of what the law says is orthogonal to the thing being debated

17-02-2014 22:57:42  <davout>   in other words, if you use the law to your advantage too much, govt gets to fuck you

10-05-2014 21:00:49  <davout>   mircea_popescu: retroactive tax law changes are something that has happened in france as well AFAIK

12-06-2014 14:23:01  <davout>   also, our server hard drives were given to law enforcement when we filed our complaint back in april 2013

16-06-2014 14:13:58  <mircea_popescu>   davout anyway, this is a solidly established principle of law, that a court won't review possibilities and implications,

14-01-2015 20:54:15  <davout>   i guess that anti-semitism was seen as more of a problem when the law was made

16-06-2014 14:15:03  <davout>   i don't know about other countries, but the law in france has this mechanism where whenever you need clarification on the law from the taxes administration, you can ask them to make a binding answer

29-04-2015 10:07:23  <davout>   basically the guy is being hung because the reverse-engineering wasn't made with the intent of creating something interoperable with skype, which is permitted under french law

20-02-2014 14:07:59  <BingoBoingo>   davout: I guess either I won the grandpa lottery or the civil service there is too fucked to follow the law.

25-02-2014 07:24:07  <davout>   cerelenius: by definition fiat money is a token that is assigned value because of a law, not because it represents a claim to anything

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