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18-02-2017 16:39:53  <funkenstein_>   i don't see why your deedbot scheme can't work in principle, but as you said it's a question of maintenance, wallet needs to scan the deeds for relevant transactions

18-02-2017 16:38:26  <punkman>   if you are using op_return, you either gotta feet your whole deeds in those few bytes, or you end up running registry/deeds system

18-02-2017 16:36:59  <punkman>   the idea is "how do I avoid maintaining share registry/deeds/etc"

18-02-2017 16:23:04  <punkman>   funkenstein_: double spend problem is solved by bitcoin deeds, pretty much the same as any coloured coin works

18-02-2017 16:14:43  <funkenstein_>   so now we have a ledger of deeds and a doublespend problem

26-08-2016 20:09:43  <kakobrekla>   basically alf has been claiming all this time that given some deeds you can fuck goats and not be a goat fucker. this is factually not true, however it can be so presented via some political kaleidoscope.

21-08-2016 11:02:39  <znort987>   well I assumed that the whole wot thing needed no central trusted db (given where we are :) ), but looks like I misunderstood how the whole thing is constructed. If ratings were just gpg-signed deeds involving gpg fingerprints, there would be no forks, just a matter of making sure info is dupliated enough. anyhow, thx for the clarifications guys.

02-07-2016 22:24:30  <adlai>   "for good people to do bad deeds - that takes religion"

26-06-2016 13:08:46  <Apocalyptic>   kakobrekla: is it intended that the deeds subdomain doesn't point to deeds but the main b-a page ?

08-03-2016 00:43:04  <danielpbarron>   i think it depends if any other deeds get bundled with it

02-03-2016 00:42:48  <trinque>   your deeds will go out soon as he's able

01-03-2016 22:43:15  <mircea_popescu>   does it contain enough info to verify the deeds ?

01-03-2016 16:51:14  <jurov>   omg there are 110M deeds?

01-03-2016 16:36:15  <jurov>   trinque what do you use to search deedbot's deeds? google sucksfor this, duckduckgo only a bit less

13-02-2016 05:14:57  <blockchain_enthu>   isn't land deeds prepared by only one authority?

13-02-2016 05:10:29  <punkman>   one interesting thing would be land deeds notarized on the bitcoin chain

03-02-2016 20:47:09  <trinque>   ben_vulpes: first I'm getting deed txns going by using the trb wallet; I don't want to have to wait for an implementation of eatrawtx to resume deeds

31-01-2016 14:41:39  <punkman>   making deeds with all the emails?

20-01-2016 04:54:46  <danielpbarron>   but they are anon for the exact same reason >> They keep it anonymous, because they are evil and they do not want themselves and their evil deeds to be exposed, as it is written, Everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. (John 3:20)

18-01-2016 22:05:47  <BingoBoingo>   trinque: Are you sure deedbot- is only ~10 blocks behind? I'm not seeing any of today's deeds on the www

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