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25-05-2019 17:40:41  <funkenstein_>   ??'s middle name is consumer economic participation

25-05-2019 17:37:47  <funkenstein_>   "The unfortunate part for China is that it lacks a well-functioning consumer economic participation to create homegrown GDP growth. "

24-12-2018 14:04:06  <funkenstein_>   Merry Christmas y'all, greetings from the land of the booming economy

10-11-2018 09:43:33  <adlai>   fluffypony: mmmaybe i need to study those details a little more, but my impression was that the entire construction (CT+RP) relies on lossy compression, and thus produces false positives with economically low probability.

28-04-2018 12:22:56  <assbot>   Keiser Report: Seeds of Economic Disaster (E1218) - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2r6CqoW )

11-01-2018 19:09:26  <HighInBC>   does it matter? Is SK a significant economic power?

16-12-2017 18:55:25  <adlai>   god damn idiots outside, yelling "the people want social justice". they could at least learn what words mean and yell "economic" instead, but no, it has to be a catchy slogan.

08-12-2017 00:01:28  <funkenstein_>   https://www.thebeaverton.com/2014/11/stock-market-soars-after-banking-cartel-promises-to-keep-pretending-economy-is-real/

17-11-2017 13:45:09  <punkman>   kakobrekla: anyway it doesnt make economic sense to run such site i think << why

17-11-2017 12:54:13  <kakobrekla>   anyway it doesnt make economic sense to run such site i think

20-10-2017 05:18:25  <funkenstein_>   it's almost like an economic Dunning-Kruger effect, many folks out here imagine that this is a developing area struggling to catch up, meanwhile back stateside, well you know the rest

17-10-2017 16:44:12  <funkenstein_>   "I'm standing by this as fact [that epidermal albedo is the dominant factor in economies and all societies for 5000 years have been socially incompetent orcs]"

16-10-2017 01:31:21  <funkenstein_>   well i guess we gotta try to maintain a laundry based economy somehow

02-10-2017 11:55:49  <assbot>   IMF Head Foresees the End of Banking and the Triumph of Cryptocurrency - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world ... ( http://bit.ly/2x8R8S7 )

14-09-2017 15:33:34  <jurov>   sure, but btcminer went economically unusable very quickly

31-08-2017 10:34:49  <punkman>   "The premium mediocre gentry are the cultural market makers and stone-soup instigators that the new economy needs to emerge."

25-08-2017 17:36:58  <pankkake>   triggered by economics

07-08-2017 14:56:58  <kakobrekla>   there might be existing poor-mans-economy where they dig through the trash and try to extract a few cents out of it

07-08-2017 14:52:12  <punkman>   keeps the economy moving eh

04-08-2017 05:21:00  <assbot>   Inside Patreon, the economic engine of internet culture - The Verge ... ( http://bit.ly/2upPANl )

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