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18-04-2016 22:47:08  <ag3nt_zer0>   so, forgive me for being so late but mp is no longer around? looking at logs now...

18-04-2016 22:45:41  <ag3nt_zer0>   i dont know if you are missing anything... not sure what "not repeating that bs anymo" means... but like I said I just had some and was looking for perspective

18-04-2016 22:37:30  <ag3nt_zer0>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=16-04-2016#1444221 < kakobrekla: no man that definitely is not the case... what I said was true - I won some amps and was just looking for an honest opinion... anyway i sold 3/4 of what I had

18-04-2016 22:35:40  <ag3nt_zer0>   hello room

14-04-2016 23:15:04  <ag3nt_zer0>   mats and kakobrekla ok thanks, appreciate the insight

14-04-2016 20:15:49  <ag3nt_zer0>   jurov: links above

14-04-2016 20:09:26  <ag3nt_zer0>   also the blog with more regular updates: http://blog.synereo.com/

14-04-2016 19:59:07  <ag3nt_zer0>   here it is http://www.synereo.com/

14-04-2016 19:46:36  <ag3nt_zer0>   dont mean to fill the window up with shit, just trust the minds in here more than elsewhere and wondered if anyone knows of this company, thinks it is shit, good, etc...

14-04-2016 19:33:37  <ag3nt_zer0>   anyway... seems like a legitimate project that should be more than a pump/dump so thinking to hold...

14-04-2016 19:32:41  <ag3nt_zer0>   now its about 10 times less

14-04-2016 19:32:31  <ag3nt_zer0>   if i would have been awake to it about 10 days ago I could have sold and made a nice bunch of btc

14-04-2016 19:30:55  <ag3nt_zer0>   I won a bunch of AMPs in a contest a while back and just dont know whether to hold or sell... seems like a serious project with weekly updates and groups going on...

14-04-2016 19:29:32  <ag3nt_zer0>   any thoughts in here on the Synereo project?

14-04-2016 19:28:16  <ag3nt_zer0>   hi there how are you?

15-01-2016 16:46:08  <ag3nt_zer0>   good morning b-a

19-11-2015 21:25:24  <ag3nt_zer0>   seems like some pretty dark statistics here... shouldn't "we" be concerned? or am i missing something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjvPj7WAX7A

10-11-2015 00:17:20  <ag3nt_zer0>   pete_dushenski: just wanted to say thanks for the great reads over at Contravex... also, thanks for that minor comment regarding my skills with the students that one day... it means something

03-11-2015 00:46:07  <ag3nt_zer0>   how's it goin out there?

03-11-2015 00:45:30  <ag3nt_zer0>   oh ok... couldnt see the nickname list for a sec

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