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07-07-2016 13:32:00  <asciilifeform>   punkman: x11 is famously a crock of shit, but until any of the replacements is able to do what it does (e.g., let me run emacs on a box on other side of the planet, and have it CORRECTLY FILL MY 2160x3840 display, using about 50kB/sec!) the 'replacements' can go to hell, and you will pry x11 from my COLD DEAD HANDS

21-03-2016 21:21:01  <asciilifeform>   eh dos emacs sucked arse

20-03-2016 15:48:04  <asciilifeform>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-03-2016#1436666 << elisp , and emacs as a whole , suck donkey balls. it is in many ways a microscopic model of how linux sucks, a turd for which NO replacement is available, so it is kept on life support at all costs .

16-03-2016 16:02:11  <asciilifeform>   e.g., no emacs.

03-03-2016 17:29:20  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: the given magic will take you to, e.g., fully-functioning x11 emacs, irc clients, etc. that build sans dbus.

02-03-2016 01:36:53  <asciilifeform>   sooooo i discovered that emacs can be de-dbus-ed on gentoo by zapping gtk3

01-03-2016 15:03:38  <asciilifeform>   the systemd of emacs.

29-02-2016 17:32:07  <asciilifeform>   'Unpleasant surprises followed. As leader of the GNU Project, Stallman experienced the first fork of Emacs in 1991. As we will see below by 1993, the GNU Project's completely lost the initiative due to an inability to deliver a working POSIX kernel. In March, 1993, a Wired magazine article by Simson Garfinkel described the GNU Project as "bogged down". GCC fork occurred a several years late

29-02-2016 16:19:51  <asciilifeform>   ;;google "emacs without dbus"

29-02-2016 13:33:47  <asciilifeform>   '... why should, say, Emacs depend on dbus? '

29-02-2016 12:59:15  <asciilifeform>   and apparently emacs will no longer build without it.

29-02-2016 03:35:57  <asciilifeform>   punkman: the history of emacs and gcc

28-02-2016 16:37:52  <asciilifeform>   i.e. emacs

24-02-2016 00:03:14  <asciilifeform>   1) paste into emacs 2) indent-region 3) profit!111!!!

16-02-2016 16:35:17  <asciilifeform>   trinque: linux (at least a reasonably well-cultivated linux) is ispo facto 'fitter' on account of having the ability to build emacs sans dbus.

16-02-2016 16:33:20  <asciilifeform>   because whatever prevents a sane emacs build, is likely to interfere with other work

16-02-2016 16:32:57  <asciilifeform>   BingoBoingo: understand, if i can't build and run emacs and its dependencies, the os is fit for 'bury in concrete' only - e.g., router

16-02-2016 16:13:58  <asciilifeform>   at least after emacs is fixed.

25-01-2016 02:43:41  <asciilifeform>   gonna reject because my emacs emits a mixture of tabs'n'spaces ?

24-01-2016 15:11:30  <asciilifeform>   i can haz emacs without dbus ~here~

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