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03-03-2016 16:07:10  <mircea_popescu>   you have enough trust, whenever you want to speak here you should pm assbot "!up" and decrypt the dpaste.

21-02-2016 21:44:40  <mircea_popescu>   asciilifeform where was the line/dpaste ? dja recall ?

13-02-2016 02:12:50  <mircea_popescu>   mod6 should i dpaste this script ?

08-02-2016 00:44:34  <mircea_popescu>   we can't possibly have a mature discussion about the silly in that dpaste.

02-02-2016 15:46:41  <mircea_popescu>   jurov respectfully an' all that, but : didn't we test dpaste and it came out that it mangled nothing ?

31-01-2016 14:42:22  <mircea_popescu>   just, if you want to add a patch, should be able to dump it as dpaste also.

30-01-2016 13:44:36  <mircea_popescu>   i had archive.is preserve the dpaste just in case anyone wants it after it expires. assbot has the link.

22-01-2016 03:53:57  <mircea_popescu>   or what, we discover dpaste auto-fucks-up the tabs anyway

21-01-2016 18:16:04  <mircea_popescu>   <asciilifeform> and even mircea_popescu apparently does, on occasion. << actually that dpaste earlier was the first time in at least 10 years.

19-01-2016 22:54:03  <mircea_popescu>   thestringpuller it's in the comment section of the linked article. adlai linked the dpaste iirc here.

13-01-2016 23:47:16  <mircea_popescu>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=13-01-2016#1369382 << standard here seems to be dpaste, actually.

11-01-2016 17:09:57  <mircea_popescu>   copypaste dpaste al;ways better for text. and do you kno what deedbot is ?

26-12-2015 05:03:21  <mircea_popescu>   this is no different from "for as long as ben_vulpes' thing continues to be a thing", is it ? you're gonna commit your life to dpaste ?

26-12-2015 04:46:36  <mircea_popescu>   phf iirc dpaste expire in a week anyway

25-12-2015 21:37:17  <mircea_popescu>   ahahaha paywall dpaste

25-12-2015 21:32:18  <mircea_popescu>   the thing i fucking hate about dpaste is the dumbass "select data type" and that they think text is "plain text" and starts with a p.\

25-12-2015 21:29:42  <mircea_popescu>   thinking about it : the one thing i like about dpaste in preference of uploading files is that i don't have to provide a filename.

25-12-2015 20:58:29  <mircea_popescu>   i don't think i want an authenticated dpaste, myself.

25-12-2015 20:57:54  <mircea_popescu>   anyway, back to the dpaste : im not abstaining from helping or anything of the sort. there's been an idea, it's been trashing around in the b-a uterus trying to come to conception. it doesn't seem that it actually works tho, seems more like an irrealisable chimera of disparate, irreconcilable parts.

21-12-2015 23:38:07  <mircea_popescu>   holy shit it's in a dpaste in the logs ?

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