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02-06-2015 02:49:22  <mjr_>   but i think comparing this to a class on a fourier transform is QUITE generous

02-06-2015 02:49:09  <mjr_>   understood

02-06-2015 02:15:08  <mjr_>   but i might as well after all this

02-06-2015 02:15:01  <mjr_>   since i don't have that need, it is not so important to me

02-06-2015 02:14:51  <mjr_>   it didn't offend me at all, i was just saying that in my humble opinion, auth'ing is useful if you want to prove you are the one who said something

02-06-2015 02:11:53  <mjr_>   in other words, i don't have anything to discuss that must be proven to have come from me

02-06-2015 02:11:31  <mjr_>   but again, I am not trying to prove that it is me

02-06-2015 02:11:25  <mjr_>   obvs

02-06-2015 02:11:20  <mjr_>   eh, if you say it is a claim, it wasn't meant as such

02-06-2015 02:10:54  <mjr_>   or rather, it doesn't matter whether the person typing this is Josh Rossi or not

02-06-2015 02:10:37  <mjr_>   but again, it doesn't really matter if its me or not

02-06-2015 02:10:21  <mjr_>   have to charge an old laptop

02-06-2015 02:10:17  <mjr_>   yeah, working on it now

02-06-2015 02:09:54  <mjr_>   so there is no reason for you to know who I am, or care

02-06-2015 02:09:42  <mjr_>   i wasn't necessarily talking to you about anything sensitive or financial in nature...

02-06-2015 02:09:28  <mjr_>   so, why press the point?

02-06-2015 02:08:30  <mjr_>   i don't really care

02-06-2015 02:08:27  <mjr_>   eh, maybe to you

02-06-2015 02:08:20  <mjr_>   because someone else said "i'm registered josh isn't"

02-06-2015 02:07:57  <mjr_>   i was asking if anyone has seen kakobrekla recently

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