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27-06-2014 00:20:07  <RSM>   they've got it merged-mining ten chains so far lolz

27-06-2014 00:19:17  <RSM>   sorry 0% fee

27-06-2014 00:19:10  <RSM>   currently building a 05 fee LTC P2Pool node with a dedicated server going in the DCtomorow gonna make it public based in Kansas City

27-06-2014 00:18:00  <RSM>   one of them is an abosulte CLI genuis. he's a slackware guru for the last four years

27-06-2014 00:17:02  <RSM>   I'm starting a motion to raise the salry fund as the two current Linux system admins are paid peanuts

27-06-2014 00:16:16  <RSM>   yeah currently about ~5.5BTc in the div fund

27-06-2014 00:15:35  <RSM>   it's just patens to foloow

27-06-2014 00:14:56  <RSM>   I studied fast Fourier transforms and matrix manipulation as an under grad though so at least i can count

27-06-2014 00:14:06  <RSM>   I'm dsylexic too fu@k and you should see my handwriting

27-06-2014 00:13:41  <RSM>   why Chav coz i can't spell?

27-06-2014 00:13:02  <RSM>   I want to move RSM trading potentially on to Counterparty, but afaik there's no way to ever halt trading if we want to move. Offtopic my speculation is that Etherum is taking so long as their trying to wait for side-chains possibly?

27-06-2014 00:07:40  <RSM>   we own the bragging rights to being the oldest publicly traded bitcoin security afaik or at least mining stock. IPO started january 2012

27-06-2014 00:04:12  <RSM>   sorry 1(GH/s) of scrypt

27-06-2014 00:03:54  <RSM>   our main paln is to hopefully at least ROI on the 19GH/s) of scrypt and the current 5(TH/s). that's give us at least 150BTC then wait for then next bubble. We have dividends already covered for at least the next twelbve months.

27-06-2014 00:00:34  <RSM>   no, but they scrapped the internal PSU and are usuing offshelf already ceritifed PSU's now. So we're hopping they can do waht KNC did with Jupiters from recieving chips to shipping within a week

26-06-2014 23:59:03  <RSM>   why steal now after 4 years

26-06-2014 23:58:42  <RSM>   lol I've been hear since 2011

26-06-2014 23:58:29  <RSM>   796 has nowhere near the any speculators like BCT did

26-06-2014 23:57:23  <RSM>   plus have 5(TH/s)@5kW hashing

26-06-2014 23:57:02  <RSM>   we have ~129BTC in the wallet but have to pay £15k soon for 1(GH/s) of Scrypt ASIC's off AlphaT