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24-03-2015 01:02:34  <brendafdez>   supposedly we inhabit the same city

24-03-2015 01:01:11  <brendafdez>   thx it's the same I have on now <3

24-03-2015 00:59:17  <brendafdez>   you're top quality, i can't compete :) but I have picture with the mazagazine with lots of issues: https://www.titsforbitcoin.com/pics/s-38.jpg?1427158661 the background says what a slob I am...

24-03-2015 00:55:56  <brendafdez>   indiancandy1 he was the guy writing yesterday night about the issues with his wife/gf/something

24-03-2015 00:54:49  <brendafdez>   hah

24-03-2015 00:53:13  <brendafdez>   no, like 1 year ago

24-03-2015 00:52:39  <brendafdez>   by havinf a more squishy pair i dunno. Yes, that's me. Not now, i downloaded it from somewhere, but still me :P

24-03-2015 00:50:36  <brendafdez>   http://i.imgur.com/rgzyJfv.jpg beat mine hands down? :3 I'm sure you do

24-03-2015 00:44:25  <brendafdez>   http://trilema.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/

24-03-2015 00:43:25  <brendafdez>   Now you're paying him 0.1 for it :P

24-03-2015 00:42:46  <brendafdez>   i wouldn't doubt it, indiancandy1, but I'd be more convinced if they were posted on trilema

24-03-2015 00:40:40  <brendafdez>   hahah she refused the 0.1 BTC last time

24-03-2015 00:39:30  <brendafdez>   I don't think it sucks too badly, but maybe as compared to being mp... ;)

24-03-2015 00:37:25  <brendafdez>   who? me?

24-03-2015 00:36:49  <brendafdez>   having to translate braindamage

24-03-2015 00:36:41  <brendafdez>   i was asked to translate a piece of utter stupudity about "btc scalability" for a certain website. I'm making $30 on this but it sucks.

24-03-2015 00:16:42  <brendafdez>   Bc it gives hope to those of us who are ugly, or doesn't it work like that? Ok, now i don't even want to know... ;)

24-03-2015 00:09:11  <brendafdez>   hahahahaha :) instagram is tha future

24-03-2015 00:08:24  <brendafdez>   i think

24-03-2015 00:08:23  <brendafdez>   he has another one unused

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