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11-05-2020 19:34:24  <funkenstein_>   With no bars to buy out in this location I am left handing out ?? on the street to celebrate block 630k

11-05-2020 19:33:12  <funkenstein_>   I just finished Allistair Reynolds' "Revenger" trilogy, some nice alien sci-fi currency material there

10-04-2020 19:02:17  <adlai>   i must say: this is the first time i have ever drunk campari neat (not even ice), and it does not taste like something with over 20% ethanol.

10-04-2020 19:01:20  <adlai>   now that i have commenced inebriation, i will proceed to interpret asciilifeform 's smoking advice, which iirc was "teach children emacs"

10-04-2020 18:50:10  <kakobrekla>   that is really tought on, given the context. you want as much campaign as possible to disinfect, but you also want a lot of vit-c. so i think you better take a glass each, unmixed.

10-04-2020 18:49:38  <adlai>   regrettably i do not keep a proper stash of alcoholic beverages for anything more interesting than that

10-04-2020 18:48:02  <kakobrekla>   then i have nothing im afraid.

10-04-2020 18:35:35  <adlai>   so says gribble, yet i can't resolve the domain from here

10-04-2020 18:25:24  <adlai>   full disclosure - i have less than half a coin on bitmex, and would probably start to feel nausea if i looked at a two-digit number of coins in there for more than a consecutive day

10-04-2020 18:25:22  <assbot>   Andrew Lawrence sur Twitter : "I have watched the first 12 seconds of this at least 100 times, its better than porn https://t.co/j5SeLyeMyy" ... ( https://bit.ly/2JX3rFe )

10-04-2020 18:17:39  <funkenstein_>   I found the reference to 1896 usa presidential campaign speech but I couldn't figure out what a "west hollywood blowout hairdo" was.

10-04-2020 18:14:11  <adlai>   this disappoints me, not because i got some few mBTC extra in my bitmex account, but because it establishes precedent

10-04-2020 18:10:59  <adlai>   I was quite disappointed that bitmex actually paid out dividends on the bitcoin cash holdings

10-04-2020 18:08:39  <funkenstein_>   Actin funny but I don't know why, scuse me while I, kiss the sky

09-04-2020 18:26:47  <pankkake>   I was just going to post https://blog.bitmex.com/inflation-is-coming/ :)

28-03-2020 23:04:01  <kakobrekla>   i wouldnt dare to claim it under my name.

28-03-2020 23:02:06  <funkenstein_>   it is getting harder, or maybe i am just getting older : )

28-03-2020 22:59:47  <kakobrekla>   yeah i saw that cop scenes

28-03-2020 22:59:01  <funkenstein_>   i had a gig in wuhan just a few months ago, seems like longer

28-03-2020 22:56:08  <funkenstein_>   perhaps something like that.. i felt like i got out of china just in time, but now - wish I were back

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