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11-11-2019 18:13:05  <Lost_Loafer>   i sort of miss his mile long ramblings

09-11-2019 15:12:28  <kakobrekla>   anyway, from whatever i recall, asciilifeform was the 'produce things' part, mp was there to give it a bad name (in both senses).

09-11-2019 14:36:33  <pankkake>   well s.nsa did produce things, I have 3 of them

09-11-2019 14:20:10  <kakobrekla>   in other #bitcoin-assets related news, it looks like s.nsa reach the end of the road. i must admit this does not come as a shock, but tbh, it did last longer than i would venture to guess it will :)

08-11-2019 19:23:54  <pankkake>   I never trust those stories

08-11-2019 19:17:24  <Lost_Loafer>   but anyway, if anyone has rental starter shares, i say go after him cause he owes you money and has assets per his youtube channel

08-11-2019 08:41:16  <kakobrekla>   i thought everyone knows its 4 houses -> 1 hotel

08-11-2019 07:54:52  <pankkake>   I remember :)

08-11-2019 07:51:21  <Lost_Loafer>   can't stand scammers. especially those who are out there promoting themselves on youtube as rags to riches and working hard and shit. i see the dude on some discords and he talks about how people are giving him money to invest in dumpy rentals (like millions)

08-11-2019 07:49:00  <Lost_Loafer>   his line is oh i was poor and worked hard or some bullshit

15-10-2019 17:28:06  <kakobrekla>   i really liked HK, hope it recovers, at least until 47

15-10-2019 17:18:03  <funkenstein_>   not really, sorry. I'm in shenzhen at the moment, i got some pics and reports from friends but nothing that off the beaten path

15-10-2019 17:13:43  <kakobrekla>   i have been traveling a lot so i kinda switched to (trail) running

14-10-2019 15:32:24  <kinsky>   Hello to everybody in this community … I am totally new and for the first time here … I am working for an Asset Managment Association based in London....the request for investments in btc / acquisition of btc is rising...I would be glad to find some people here who can explain me a little bit the otc market ...and maybe show me what I should be

14-10-2019 15:32:24  <kinsky>   aware of and maybe have the right connection for a business relation for the company i work for ...

02-09-2019 18:12:18  <pankkake>   ok I love this

12-07-2019 14:08:41  <assbot>   Donald J. Trump sur Twitter : "I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity...." ... ( http://bit.ly/2GaUfLL )

21-06-2019 12:43:07  <pankkake>   I only use addresses with 1s, does that make me a bitcoin boomer?

21-06-2019 09:35:30  <adlai>   "i dunno what that is. bitcoin addresses begin with a 1, maybe 3 if you're really crazy, but wtf is this"

20-06-2019 02:55:06  <funkenstein_>   Which I first heard of in this forum, and have been surprised to see it recently in high demand by Chinese businessmen.

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