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20-03-2016 23:50:19  <mircea_popescu>   looky, that nonsense isn't going to snivel into factuality just because butthurt. chinese miner conspiracy is a fact, undisputed and accepted as such.

18-03-2016 17:06:48  <mircea_popescu>   asciilifeform and you know this for a fact ? maybe the profusion is just because people like encapsulated things.

18-03-2016 14:47:48  <mircea_popescu>   BingoBoingo you know he has a point tho, just because someone stole or didn't stole it, what's that to you ?

18-03-2016 14:17:51  <mircea_popescu>   and 2. IF you want to argue against something i said, do yourself the favour and BRING VERY GOOD ARGUMENTS. because your own personal word will count for nothing much, and you'll just make a clown out of yourself.

18-03-2016 14:13:12  <mircea_popescu>   and in general this inept "mp said something ; i said something else because i'm just as much a X as mp" is the font of ineptitude.

17-03-2016 14:55:05  <mircea_popescu>   asciilifeform just because one whore was easy doesn't mean all whores are going to be as easy.

16-03-2016 15:00:06  <mircea_popescu>   because it clearly IS part of the books, right ? trivially enumerable, as it is. just not easy to evaluate.

16-03-2016 11:11:22  <mircea_popescu>   might as well say "it's because pogos", which would be equally flattering just in a different direction and otherwise equally afield.

10-03-2016 22:07:25  <mircea_popescu>   just moreso, because machinery > real estate ever since the industrial revolution.

09-03-2016 13:57:22  <mircea_popescu>   mircea_popescu> and more importantly, because once expressed the current situation becomes tolerable << INtolerable, obviously. and in all fields. much like a smoky kitchen wall is tolerable for just as long as you don't see any actual white stuff for contrast. but bring in a new stove, suddenly the wall needs a paintjob too.

04-03-2016 18:36:00  <mircea_popescu>   no, because i don't read chinese, nor actually care punctually. i just get (and care about) synthetic reports.

01-03-2016 23:21:58  <mircea_popescu>   kakobrekla understand : just because they picked one particular txn out of a set of txn they withheld should NOT be an argument they may bring.

01-03-2016 14:00:41  <mircea_popescu>   well because it was the loss leader also. people went to lose money to champs just on the basis of hte brand

28-02-2016 14:52:39  <mircea_popescu>   you may think that "hey, so you just found your solution, have the machine put a ? or a ? before each paragraph and an anchor on it", but no. flat text is fundamentally different from ADRESSABLE text in general, the "paragraph-addressable" is a least-offensive kludge. and yes trilema is written deliberately, and constantly, with a view to breaking addressability from outside. because that's the sort of text it is, an

27-02-2016 19:47:10  <mircea_popescu>   just because my eyes move independently of the head doesn't mean i'm not reading!

27-02-2016 15:43:33  <mircea_popescu>   you know, just because she isn't looking 2 inches under the apex of the camera lens (which is how that effect is obtained, and in all women, even the liveliest cockteases of the lot) but instead 30 degrees to the left in the foliage changes EXACTLY nothing

27-02-2016 04:13:56  <mircea_popescu>   i end up spending 150 pesos on cabs and 50 pesos on coffee across the fucking square, because argentines are truly and utterly retarded. why make a grand off a fellow when you could just as well make nothing at all and go home to the tv ?

24-02-2016 23:26:22  <mircea_popescu>   just because two items are separated to ease commerce does you no harm. buy them togetrher.

23-02-2016 09:17:50  <mircea_popescu>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-02-2016#1413461 << yeah, putin just made obama ????? and that's ok because nobody knows what the crudely drawn chickens are supposed to stand for anyway.

22-02-2016 00:43:02  <mircea_popescu>   all this because they really wanted to be as cool as the euros and didn't comprehend that faking it till you make it just gives you saturnism

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