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18-12-2015 02:54:09  <mircea_popescu>   no marketing was involved. lizard king of ustardia threw the dart, picked one that gets the free shit for free

17-12-2015 04:43:26  <asciilifeform>   as a zone of genuine absence of lizard hitler in all of his manifestations, it was proclaimed 'must die' long ago.

26-11-2015 23:20:58  <pete_dushenski>   tila tequila went joo then lizard-nazi shortly thereafter. definitely corky.

20-11-2015 22:33:30  <assbot>   Logged on 20-11-2015 22:25:29; ascii_field: wherever lizard eggs are hatched

20-11-2015 22:25:29  <ascii_field>   wherever lizard eggs are hatched

20-11-2015 05:40:13  <ben_vulpes>   no lizard hitler in that interpretation, punkman

20-11-2015 01:46:00  <asciilifeform>   faced with perfectly valid accusation of doctored photos (what lizard media mouthpiece hasn't these?) there is, naturally, a ritualistic defence

19-11-2015 19:55:41  <phf>   asciilifeform: i enjoyed working with lispworks team in the past. i don't think it's proprietary in the same sence as msvs or such. you have to buy into a relationship, but once you have a contract with them, they are accommodating. you can ask them for source if you actually want to inspect it for lizard hitler traces and compile it yourself

13-11-2015 19:58:20  <jurov>   alf would indeed surmise these things must have come from lizard hitler

12-11-2015 17:11:01  <ben_vulpes>   and yes, coke machine, still in usaschwitz, lizard hitler will never allow a defense attorney etc etc

08-11-2015 21:30:14  <BingoBoingo>   What is the US coming to though when a well scaled lizard like Wolfe can't use a university gig as a more relaxing way to keep drawing a paycheck in effective retirement.

27-10-2015 15:58:54  <asciilifeform>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=27-10-2015#1308842 << i can't wait for mircea_popescu to explain that... they aren't really lizard elites, because a distant winemaking rothchild got shot by a german once. or how the 100B isn't real money because it can't be sent to bin laden's ghost. or how i oughta shut up because they 'earned' it all and 'nobody asked you'

01-10-2015 22:13:13  <mircea_popescu>   mno, vice versa. everything that goes to shit because people are weak and stupid and lazy, you allocate to some imaginary lizard

30-09-2015 15:33:11  <mircea_popescu>   they are there at the raping of the lizard cathedral.

30-09-2015 15:32:14  <ascii_field>   those are here at the pleasure of lizard cathedral.

25-09-2015 01:56:47  <mircea_popescu>   (hint : they spent it ALL on trying to give people just like you the illusion that mansions, and lizard hitler.

21-09-2015 23:27:32  <mircea_popescu>   "No, you pedo-peso hoarding little shit lizard. One of your sociopathic free-market libertarian brethren took it upon themselves to threaten a real person and people around them in their place of work making them genuinely fearful."

16-09-2015 20:37:59  <BingoBoingo>   Well, not if you want to nest outside of Lizard central feeding grounds

01-09-2015 18:54:57  <ascii_field>   coinbase is blessed by his lizard majesty.

22-08-2015 19:14:33  <asciilifeform>   sop lizard service.

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