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20-02-2016 23:42:28  <ben_vulpes>   but aha i do recall that mjr and pgp were in the same room a few times

20-02-2016 23:41:46  <mircea_popescu>   ben_vulpes if you recall the mjr guy or what's his name was here trying to mealy mouthedly take the temperature re bitfinex last time they did a scam cycle.

09-09-2015 07:03:37  <gabriel_laddel>   (eval (read-from-string "(mjr_meta::mjr_meta_load-packages :BASE-PATH \"~/quicklisp/local-projects/lispy/\")"))

09-09-2015 07:03:37  <gabriel_laddel>   (eval (read-from-string "(mjr_meta::mjr_meta_use-packages :BASE-PATH \"~/quicklisp/local-projects/lispy/\")")))

09-09-2015 07:03:30  <gabriel_laddel>   ben_vulpes: ftr, MJR_CALC compiles without any work on my part aside from

09-09-2015 06:36:16  <gabriel_laddel>   for those of you who have not seen femlisp, MGL-MAT and MJR_CALC, the full nifty of this might not be readily apparent.

08-07-2015 20:05:18  <danielpbarron>   ;;later tell mjr_ http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=12-08-2014#791843 << you can now

08-07-2015 20:05:18  <assbot>   Logged on 12-08-2014 00:44:36; mjr_: by the way, anyone gonna tell me if i can play this game where i can buy things with bitcoin?

02-06-2015 02:50:01  <trinque>   !down mjr_

02-06-2015 02:49:22  <mjr_>   but i think comparing this to a class on a fourier transform is QUITE generous

02-06-2015 02:49:09  <mjr_>   understood

02-06-2015 02:28:51  <trinque>   !up mjr_

02-06-2015 02:23:12  <trinque>   mjr_: note this is more a point about the general benefits; you can do as you please

02-06-2015 02:17:34  <decimation>   mjr_: the important part is that friends can be enumerated

02-06-2015 02:15:08  <mjr_>   but i might as well after all this

02-06-2015 02:15:01  <mjr_>   since i don't have that need, it is not so important to me

02-06-2015 02:14:51  <mjr_>   it didn't offend me at all, i was just saying that in my humble opinion, auth'ing is useful if you want to prove you are the one who said something

02-06-2015 02:14:18  <trinque>   mjr_: I'm amused that this offended you so deeply it required this much discussion

02-06-2015 02:11:53  <mjr_>   in other words, i don't have anything to discuss that must be proven to have come from me

02-06-2015 02:11:31  <mjr_>   but again, I am not trying to prove that it is me

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