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07-08-2017 15:50:19  <assbot>   Headlines from China: Netflix Announces Chinese Language Series | CFI ... ( http://bit.ly/2uiU9Oc )

07-08-2017 15:50:18  <punkman>   http://chinafilminsider.com/headlines-from-china-netflix-to-produce-first-chinese-language-original-series/

27-03-2017 13:23:15  <punkman>   "Netflix will spend an expected $6B+ on 70+ original shows this year "

25-05-2016 21:58:33  <punkman>   speaking of netflix, I download a torrent of a netflix release of some eu mini-series, and it had a different soundtrack because rights/regions/etc

25-05-2016 17:31:59  <diametric>   piracy is absolutely more convenient, but for me netflix is pretty damn convenient too, most for my wife and kids, and for getting them off my back for a lot of stuff. if netflix had every title in existence and cost even three times as much, i probably wouldn't bother pirating anything.

25-05-2016 17:31:57  <pankkake>   I can somewhat understand netflix, much less spotify, but perhaps it's because I take music more seriously

25-05-2016 17:31:06  <assbot>   Netflix, Amazon face EU quota on European works | Reuters ... ( http://bit.ly/247ME33 )

25-05-2016 17:31:05  <kakobrekla>   re lulzy quoatas http://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-netflix-quotas-idUSKCN0YA2FO

25-05-2016 17:30:03  <kakobrekla>   the latest news re that are that europe now wants netflix to play 20% of european shows

25-05-2016 17:29:50  <diametric>   ... "heres the remote go browse netflix and watch whats there i'm busy"

25-05-2016 17:28:44  <diametric>   its just still easier to deal with netflix for the shows on it

25-05-2016 17:28:09  <kakobrekla>   theres also that thing called 'popcorn time' or something like that - a piratized netflix with the benefit of not having bigbrother controlling what you watch

25-05-2016 17:27:56  <jurov>   btw, here netflix still does the shitty regions thing, i heard

25-05-2016 12:13:03  <kakobrekla>   also wtf netflix users - too lazy to steal a torrent?

25-05-2016 12:12:10  <kakobrekla>   tittle should defo be "good news for netflix"

10-03-2016 21:13:50  <thestringpuller>   I guess using my machine for single purpose- Netflix and Steam, has limited risk.

19-02-2016 20:55:00  <asciilifeform>   ~specifically~ netflix ?!

19-02-2016 20:53:10  <mircea_popescu>   EVERY SINGLE, i don't mean just the fat/ugly, EVERY SINGLE female's FAVOURITE past time is watching netflix.

20-01-2016 00:43:47  <BingoBoingo>   But "Netflix and chill" is the new "come in for coffee"

20-01-2016 00:40:15  <punkman>   "A friend once asked me to watch a video with her that she was going to display on her computer using Netflix. I declined, saying that Netflix was such an affront to freedom that I could not be party to its use under any circumstances whatsoever." -- RMS

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