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01-02-2017 08:56:00  <pankkake>   re running old hardware, I have ram sticks that seem to degrade over time

29-01-2017 07:23:47  <punkman>   "We are planning at the next room refurbishment for old-fashioned door locks with real keys. Just like 111 years ago at the time of our great-grandfathers"

24-03-2016 03:21:40  <mircea_popescu>   for curiosity, i actually checked the old logs. this was reg'd apr 10th 2012 ; at the time i was hanging out in #bitcoin-otc-eu ; he mentioned it there sometime on the 12th that caught my eye and the rest be history.

01-03-2016 23:51:28  <mircea_popescu>   it was a 20 minute old txn at the time it was included in a block.

28-02-2016 17:11:56  <mircea_popescu>   (unrelatedly - i've re-read the arabic old texts. the previous time i did this they ended up in the fire. somehow, the shit's grown EVEN MORE offensive over the years. scarcely can explain this wonder - the people involved have been dead for a thousand years.)

26-02-2016 04:03:11  <mircea_popescu>   it'll be either a chick nobody could conceivably want for any purpose, so basically an old prune before her time,

24-02-2016 13:36:07  <mircea_popescu>   i can't think of a time this was the case, in either the old country or the america.

22-02-2016 23:48:38  <pete_dushenski>   asciilifeform: that's an apt analogy in that both car and hdd are superficially affordable, but not practically. old car costs hundreds if not thousands in unexpected maintenance EVERY YEAR. hdd costs time, space, troubleshooting, etcetc. a car you own outright (ie. no debt payments), like a desktop you own outright (ie. no winbloze avec nsa) are exceedingly high-end appointments. neither is 'accessible' in any way.

18-02-2016 23:05:45  <phf>   actually one van dweller i knew was this nasty, 60 year old hippie dude, sort of ram das like character. i think all he did was cruise from one west coast hot spring to another. he would always have an utterly zonkered, 20 year old, supermodel looking girl in his van, every time i'd run into him, a different one.

29-01-2016 21:01:54  <mod6>   this thing doesn't play nice trying to run it more than one time with old artifacts laying around.

28-01-2016 12:37:11  <asciilifeform>   'A similar problem exists with the biggest futures market in the world: in crude oil. Here, traders have been having a merry old time taking advantage of a notional glut, driving the price of crude lower and lower. They could drive it as low as $1 a barrel, but then what? The problem is, nobody on earth can produce oil that cheaply, and so a day will come when somebody will demand delivery on their $1/bbl crude contract, and t

18-01-2016 22:25:25  <shinohai>   Reading. I still like old-fashioned books so I spend a lot of time in Library.

13-01-2016 16:20:29  <ascii_butugychag>   old timers are especially allergic to real-time anything

13-01-2016 00:23:44  <phf>   also zen doesn't support most of the modern x11 extensions, that you might want for running something like firefox. in fact last time i checked it didn't support xrander, which is an old image composition extension that might as well be standard

28-12-2015 06:54:30  <mircea_popescu>   here's the thing : not your call to make. by the time they need or can benefit from that sort of thing, they're old enough to pick their own/

20-12-2015 18:50:11  <mircea_popescu>   <punkman> mircea_popescu: was that the new phuctor box? << nah, the old qntra cluster. makes it the 2nd time in about a month wtf.

10-11-2015 15:50:18  <asciilifeform>   today i use a tripod and ordinary digital cam, similar to how old-time spies used 'minox'

08-11-2015 05:04:17  <punkman>   there were a couple local ebay-clones here that passed all their data to the taxman. "oh you sold 6 old phones this year? and what did you not have time to incorporate and register for VAT?"

05-11-2015 21:36:20  <*>   ben_vulpes has been waiting for this particular old tomato for some time

04-11-2015 23:50:45  <mircea_popescu>   anyway, in the general, this is the closed form life equation of people doing something worthwhile : they have a terrible time as kids because their parents are idiots ; they get fucking stampeded as adults, because people are lazy ; they get all the accolades, moneys and bitches when they're old, because it doesn't do anything for them anymore (thus it's finally safe) ; once they're dead they get to be the face sellin

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