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03-03-2016 02:06:11  <asciilifeform>   that i even learned that plum book existed.

03-03-2016 01:55:15  <asciilifeform>   though he worked for 58 years for usg and was in 'plum book' (emeritus, or whatever the heathens call it)

19-02-2016 16:53:08  <mircea_popescu>   i dunno, their retarded plum book index

19-09-2015 03:02:53  <asciilifeform>   nah, the ~real~ mansions are where corzines, SES plum book, etc. live.

04-09-2015 00:50:43  <mircea_popescu>   and besides, who cares abnout eiother of these two. you just taker the whole plum book and execute it all.

18-07-2015 02:42:41  <decimation>   somebody fills the plum book, decides what the ny times prints, prints usd, etc

17-07-2015 14:49:05  <punkman>   "The United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly known as the Plum Book, is published every four years, after the Presidential election.  The Plum Book is used to identify presidentially appointed positions within the Federal Government"

07-07-2015 04:18:24  <asciilifeform>   some smirking 'plum book' stuffed shirt who thinks that his ph.d. makes him a god

02-07-2015 18:13:56  <ascii_field>   the annointed 'plum book' folks can take bribe, extort, to their heart's delight

23-02-2015 06:45:33  <asciilifeform>   any 'plum book' usg

12-02-2015 04:31:00  <decimation>   asciilifeform: but the 'plum book wot' isn't really going to modify what the career bureaucrats think, see moldbug

12-02-2015 04:29:20  <asciilifeform>   there's no usg wot tho << closest thing to a format usg wot may be the infamous 'plum book'

17-10-2014 04:05:13  <assbot>   United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions (Plum Book), 2012

17-10-2014 01:26:58  <decimation>   you mean the 'plum book'?