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21-09-2018 00:20:40  <adlai>   btw, i've found that the best time to read that book is about a decade and a half after the last time you reddit.

17-12-2017 07:47:39  <adlai>   reddit being the indefinite singular implying set membership

17-12-2017 07:43:44  <*>   adlai got banned from reddit once for suggesting this as charity... some people have no taste in gifts

16-12-2017 18:49:28  <assbot>   soclal_bfx (u/soclal_bfx) - Reddit ... ( http://bit.ly/2kzLOyd )

02-12-2017 11:04:31  <adlai>   asciilifeform: btw, i must thank you, this time for bringing v.Karman to my attention. just finished reading "Wind and Beyond". quite an eye-opener, of the sort that makes one question any conclusions hastily jumped to throughout the quarter-life crisis. highly-recommended book, if you haven't reddit alreddi!

14-08-2017 18:51:10  <assbot>   Adam Back sur Twitter : "@Excellion @elonmusk @SpaceX @Blockstream some reddit discussion, getting warmer https://t.co/YPEKsMXK73 note "coming soon" = imminent, project has been in development under wraps." ... ( http://bit.ly/2uDrB2d )

07-08-2017 16:20:37  <kakobrekla>   its better to be flipping icos than flipping burgers ~ some guy on reddit

20-07-2017 18:29:17  <pankkake>   "Changelly subsequently said in a Reddit thread that it has blacklisted the hacker's root address" ether huffers really hate freedom

05-06-2017 21:37:11  <adlai>   kakobrekla: "they will escape to buttcoin"? no, unless you mean the reddit accounts... maybe. but the money that entered crypto for the pump, dies with the dump; and the money that returns to btc, rarely came to eth from btc

09-05-2017 17:19:44  <asciilifeform>   i dun reddit.

09-05-2017 17:07:11  <assbot>   Joe Colangelo sur Twitter : "As bitcoin rises, Mt Gox approaches solvency (vs. claims). Now Reddit users are asking @MagicalTux to reopen. They even new designed logos. https://t.co/vUVrp3q3X2" ... ( http://bit.ly/2ph1Jqf )

17-04-2017 20:27:39  <punkman>   but thought they'd have posted something on reddit or whatever in the interval

01-01-2017 20:48:43  <*>   jurov checked reddit for gifs, this one has it: http://i.imgur.com/VIhkDAr.gif

21-10-2016 17:43:56  <assbot>   Twitter, Reddit, Spotify Were Collateral Damage In Major Internet Attack | Motherboard

21-10-2016 17:43:53  <punkman>   https://motherboard.vice.com/read/twitter-reddit-spotify-were-collateral-damage-in-major-internet-attack

12-08-2016 23:02:05  <punkman>   also the guy complaining on reddit got paid iirc

09-08-2016 15:47:29  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: what you're left with is either a) reddit or b) the white noise from deep inside yer arse

09-08-2016 15:46:03  <asciilifeform>   "i mentally #include gavin, reddit, and the pinoy circus, but at least not #include mp any moar!!!11'

03-08-2016 05:02:52  <pankkake>   also we're going to have a billion reddit threads asking for a fork to bail out the loss of <1% of available bitcoins

26-05-2016 12:55:53  <Framedragger>   someone posted a reply on reddit with a screenshot from a stupid (but amusing) tv show where someone non-ironically held it as an hdd, too

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