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26-02-2016 01:45:19  <asciilifeform>   or, as described in mircea_popescu's mega-article, 'A convicted felon and general low life ran a Ponzi scheme. Various soi-dissant US authorities were notified in private to proceed with prosecution, capture the felon and deliver him to justice, as well as publicly months before the scheme's collapse, but instead chose to delay taking any action whatsoever until a year afterwards, in spite of the felon in question being a US r

19-12-2015 13:56:44  <pete_dushenski>   works like the rest of the soi-dissant fiat legal system : in la-la-land

13-12-2015 16:53:23  <mircea_popescu>   this is the relationship of actual active tribes with soi-dissant empires.

01-12-2015 17:07:51  <pete_dushenski>   lmao 'soi-dissant caliphate' but not 'soi-dissant nation of england' ?

18-11-2015 16:21:57  <pete_dushenski>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-11-2015#1326256 << this situation is probably more confusing to the soi-dissant 'entreprenuer' than anything else imagineable. 'what, you don't want me to solve a problem that i think is a problem because reasons ? what, you don't want me to develop an app to disrupt industry x while simultaneously bending over backwards to comply with every last damn regulation designed to

14-10-2015 17:55:37  <mircea_popescu>   she'll get the even more valuable experience of impunity, IN SPITE of a lot of verbiage and to and fro from the soi dissant "legal system", "community" etc.

16-08-2015 04:57:12  <mircea_popescu>   a soi dissant casino

29-07-2015 19:01:49  <mircea_popescu>   ascii_field the less control over the currency the soi-dissant state enjoys, the closer it gets to its pissant destiny.

14-07-2015 22:39:45  <pete_dushenski>   aha, again, the expense of occupation of syria/lebanon is more than any soi-dissant 'world power' can seem to muster.

04-06-2015 18:03:57  <ascii_field>   or the soi-dissant 'far right' political parties in uk, fr

01-06-2015 14:43:10  <jurov>   "This is to certify that any person with a WoT account in assbot's L2 list that can show proof their property was confiscated through the direct or indirect workings of the soi-dissant "Executive Order" issued April 1st, 2015 by the criminal group illegally misidentifying itself as "government of the United States" will receive a 1 (one) Bitcoin compensation on the spot

15-03-2015 18:05:32  <mircea_popescu>   i am absolutely convinced that 99% of the soi dissant software engineers are in fact "web experts" of the "i dont no biari (i know a littel java.)" ilk

02-03-2015 21:36:57  <mircea_popescu>   trinque no, it's up there with some soi-dissant feminist derps writing a book on the "women in Marines history"