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20-05-2016 23:12:01  <asciilifeform>   y'know, stalin took trotsky's shit too

28-04-2016 16:34:00  <asciilifeform>   or there would have been no stalin.

28-04-2016 16:27:57  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: the choice is between eating hitler's shit and stalin's.

28-04-2016 16:22:53  <asciilifeform>   pigeons: stalin, early in the war, did

31-03-2016 21:45:02  <asciilifeform>   stalin, incidentally, turned out to be right.

31-03-2016 21:41:59  <asciilifeform>   stalin.

28-03-2016 18:02:53  <asciilifeform>   yes, stalin was an arse

28-03-2016 18:02:40  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: this is roughly equivalent to saying in 1942, 'if you don't like stalin, quit the red army'

14-03-2016 17:14:28  <asciilifeform>   (distinguished su military men, who were executed for failure to mop up stalin's mistake)

14-03-2016 17:01:20  <asciilifeform>   sorta like stalin did.

10-03-2016 15:48:17  <asciilifeform>   stalin - understood.

07-03-2016 17:32:28  <asciilifeform>   afaik pete_dushenski is this canadian fella who likes to race cars, and also occasionally reads the logz and writes summaries, in something like stalin's radio caster (levitan) voice.

05-03-2016 18:21:45  <asciilifeform>   stalin followed peter's 'colonization with the crown as sole european' model.

19-02-2016 17:10:23  <asciilifeform>   recall how they in 1990 or so 'all sov archives now open!!11' 'fine, now gimme stalin's 1938 plenum speech'

06-02-2016 20:46:35  <asciilifeform>   (answer, for the thick, is that your rng, if it works correctly, is EXACTLY as likely to shit out a string that xors yours to 'kill stalin at midnight with table leg' as an equivalent length string of zeros, or any other.)

31-01-2016 19:18:39  <asciilifeform>   http://community.schemewiki.org/?Stalin

31-01-2016 19:17:56  <asciilifeform>   there are good examples of this kind of thing, from the past, see 'chicken' and 'stalin'

28-12-2015 01:06:39  <asciilifeform>   aha but bought by 'selling pieces of the motherland' (stalin's words)

26-11-2015 17:08:56  <asciilifeform>   and where did stalin come in ? i must've woken up in some parallel universe ?

18-11-2015 14:34:39  <asciilifeform>   i mean i get it, mircea_popescu is stalin and ?? ???? ????? and human wave attacks do have merit and occasionally do the job. but the kind of thing proposed here is inherently not a 'mass' product.

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