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07-10-2014 04:51:58  <assbot>   Logged on 22-03-2014 16:21:56; Ghaleon: hence the typical irc, leet jerk attitude is bout to be extinct

07-10-2014 03:39:02  <assbot>   72 results for 'Ghaleon' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=Ghaleon

07-10-2014 03:39:01  <BingoBoingo>   !s Ghaleon

07-10-2014 03:38:46  <WolfGoethe>   my nick then was Ghaleon

23-03-2014 19:38:27  <Ghaleon_>   anyone here install 0.9.0 on unbent from source ?

23-03-2014 04:19:07  <MisterE>   [23:24:57] Ghaleon: your letter to sec was an example of that respectable, legally sound, defiant.. yet friendly

23-03-2014 04:19:04  <MisterE>   [23:23:48] mircea_popescu: Ghaleon as you approach mastery you'll notice the leet asshole is an epic bridge builder type.

23-03-2014 04:19:04  <MisterE>   [23:24:41] Ghaleon: mp, yes, the challenge is finding that person who can build the epic bridges and present the right face... without going insane for long enough this community is doing an awesomejob

22-03-2014 16:29:34  <Ghaleon>   i have a feeling that carl jung's archetypal mode.. a consdesnded version will give the right person a keen edge going forward

22-03-2014 16:27:55  <Ghaleon>   and get an answer thanks to the blockchain

22-03-2014 16:27:47  <Ghaleon>   as things move forward we will be able to ask "how do people use money really?"

22-03-2014 16:27:32  <Ghaleon>   henry Ford's vision is coming to pass

22-03-2014 16:27:24  <Ghaleon>   bit coins greatest value is that it is getting people to ask "what is money really" ?

22-03-2014 16:26:59  <Ghaleon>   we had a great article about bit coin archetypes before

22-03-2014 16:26:15  <Ghaleon>   lolz

22-03-2014 16:25:20  <Ghaleon>   join the club brah

22-03-2014 16:25:11  <Ghaleon>   people can look up to that

22-03-2014 16:25:06  <Ghaleon>   respectable, legally sound, defiant.. yet friendly

22-03-2014 16:24:55  <Ghaleon>   your letter to sec was an example of that

22-03-2014 16:24:47  <Ghaleon>   this community is doing an awesomejob

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