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31-08-2016 13:47:16  <asciilifeform>   lol the mycelium schmuck

25-08-2015 15:55:52  <asciilifeform>   https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3ibh95/coins_stolen_from_mycelium_wallet_how_do_you << lulzies

01-12-2014 01:51:24  <asciilifeform>   pete's article: http://www.contravex.com/2014/07/17/proof-that-mycelium-knows-how-to-make-a-better-rng-for-its-entropy-dongle-and-isnt

15-10-2014 03:43:27  <asciilifeform>   !s mycelium

15-07-2014 20:19:51  <Rassah>   asciilifeform: No, that would be a few of the Mycelium devs. They described a lot of it to me, since I'm working with them (I'm the one doing the public interraction thing, and running Indiegogo and such)

15-07-2014 20:05:31  <asciilifeform>   !s asciilifeform mycelium

15-07-2014 20:05:31  <assbot>   5 results for 'asciilifeform mycelium' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=asciilifeform+mycelium

05-07-2014 16:36:13  <asciilifeform>   FabianB: 'mycelium' << search the logs.

05-07-2014 12:31:52  <FabianB>   asciilifeform: did you have a look at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mycelium-entropy ?

04-07-2014 15:49:46  <asciilifeform>   pankkake: re: 'mycelium' << the nice thing is that i don't even need to purchase and cut open the unit to piss on it. you can't fit a user-auditable rng in a keychain. simple physical fact.

27-06-2014 17:12:39  <asciilifeform>   mycelium machine << it still isn't clear to me - are they actually sampling an sram, or just using atmel's turd which purports to do so internally

25-06-2014 14:08:51  <jurov>   ThickAsThieves I already pestered asciilifeform with that mycelium gizmo, he said it's some atmel satanic stuff, i then saw it opened and it was true