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28-07-2014 05:31:05  <mircea_popescu>   <benkay> only thing worse than a blog nobody reads is taking such down and having people pester you about it. << apparently someone read it.

28-07-2014 05:29:39  <benkay>   only thing worse than a blog nobody reads is taking such down and having people pester you about it.

28-07-2014 05:28:05  <bitcoinpete>   benkay: i'd like to see this diagram someday‚Ķ y'know your blog would've been a good place for such a thing

25-07-2014 21:06:30  <assbot>   71 results for 'benkay blog' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=benkay+blog

25-07-2014 21:06:29  <benkay>   !s benkay blog

22-07-2014 20:21:20  <Mats_cd03>   http://www.zdziarski.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/iOS_Backdoors_Attack_Points_Surveillance_Mechanisms.pdf re: iOS vuln posted by benkay

17-07-2014 03:51:35  <benkay>   it's a distraction! the kid only has so much attention to go around, and the blog is a dilution of said.

17-07-2014 03:51:02  <benkay>   no more blog.

17-07-2014 03:48:44  <mircea_popescu>   benkay what , no more blog ?

03-07-2014 23:59:25  <benkay>   http://planscope.io/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/youre-going-to-have-a-bad-time.png

03-07-2014 18:00:27  <benkay>   http://www.thetwoweeker.com/blog/

02-07-2014 23:58:19  <benkay>   i'd rather write emails instructing clients on the correct course of action and get paid for such than...blog.

02-07-2014 23:54:52  <benkay>   <penguirker> New blog post: http://trilema.com/2014/colonia-uruguay/

29-06-2014 01:25:45  <BingoBoingo>   benkay: Lisp (sort of, hiding somewhere) courtesy of MP's linked schmuck with a blog https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/bitstream/handle/2142/11057/Semantic%20Infrastructure%20for%20a%20Ubiquitous%20Computing%20Environment.pdf?sequence=2

31-05-2014 07:00:08  <BingoBoingo>   Oh, benkay also, how do you like the blog's new look... Or did I ask already?

23-05-2014 04:14:49  <benkay>   <ThickAsThieves> next youre gonna tell me that bitcoinpete isnt stoned-mp-blog-mode // kik

18-05-2014 20:06:19  <mircea_popescu>   benkay: someday my blog will have its own blade << what, and be liek trilema ?!

18-05-2014 19:12:06  <benkay>   someday my blog will have its own blade

18-05-2014 19:05:45  <benkay>   migrated bouncer and blog. blog still suffering dns propagation.

01-05-2014 03:25:11  <benkay>   <mike_c> hanbot's entire blog: Five posts, ZERO footnotes. << mike_c: hanbot also actually, you know, writes.

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