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24-07-2014 22:55:29  <asciilifeform>   somebody's playing blockchain chess now?

24-07-2014 22:38:18  <BingoBoingo>   !s blockchain chess

24-07-2014 22:38:18  <assbot>   3 results for 'blockchain chess' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=blockchain+chess

26-05-2014 18:43:09  <poutine>   mircea_popescu, Hmm I'm not sure I understand, the way I'd see it is if it were chess, all possible moves would be an acceptable redemption for the tx, like pawn to e4 would be a redemption, Qxe5, etc. That way the game could be followed just by following the blockchain for the tx

26-05-2014 18:37:11  <poutine>   It is possible to play a game on the blockchain where there's a limited amount of moves. Chess would be too complicated, checkers might not be

20-02-2014 06:00:57  <asciilifeform>   idly wondering about a 'provably fair' blockchain chess-for-coin