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17-02-2015 05:20:33  <Vexual>   Jakarta bullocks at 2 / km2 is all youll ever do

23-10-2014 06:29:13  <assbot>   12 results for 'bullocks' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=bullocks

23-10-2014 06:29:12  <mircea_popescu>   !s bullocks

20-02-2014 04:58:00  <mircea_popescu>   bullocks would be ok, but the "six digits or less" is equal to saying in that other context "60 kgs or over"

20-02-2014 04:57:27  <asciilifeform>   the answer here, i suspect, depends on whether you like the taste of bullocks.

19-02-2014 05:17:16  <asciilifeform>   'even' in the russian prison there are smart folks. some, perhaps not quite smart enough to spring loose, some that stay out of habit, some that have simply not located a sufficiently fat herd of bullocks...

19-02-2014 05:07:19  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: imaginary physical, dead tree book or cardboard box that the product somehow ?is?..These are required supposedly because ?it?s professional? ..it helps the bullocks imaginary perceptions << the gold coins generated by the script all crapcoin artists seem to use. or the cardboard '90s software box drawn (identically!?) by all peddlers of winblows turdware...

17-02-2014 18:53:13  <mircea_popescu>   i wonder if the old "each table has a sucker or it wouldn't be a table. if you don't know who then well..." into a "each escape has its bullocks, and upon the eating of the first one you'll know whether you count with him by whether you're invited to dine."

17-02-2014 18:51:06  <mircea_popescu>   more interesting, how many troops of bullocks successfully took over the escape and ate the smartasses.

17-02-2014 18:49:49  <asciilifeform>   'convicts, during escapes from far nothern camps of gulag lured with them (due to the impossibility of gathering adequate provisions while imprisoned) other inmates, who would be killed en route. such victims of cannibalism were known in convict argot as 'bullocks.' how many 'bullocks' were eaten up, is unknown.'