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27-11-2014 03:22:06  <assbot>   3 results for 'mortgaged mac' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=mortgaged+mac

27-11-2014 03:22:05  <ben_vulpes>   !s mortgaged mac

26-11-2014 07:58:55  <mircea_popescu>   "As you can see, I mortgaged my future. Instead of staying with my wonky-but-free ways of doing things, I shifted all of my stuff over to the Mac. It gladly embraced all of it and jealously took it in, never to give it back. Now when I want to get back out, I have to do all of the work I thought I had managed to avoid by using a Mac in the first place." << WORD.

26-11-2014 07:48:11  <assbot>   I mortgaged my future with a Mac ... ( http://bit.ly/1HFsoNA )

25-11-2014 21:32:20  <assbot>   I mortgaged my future with a Mac ... ( http://bit.ly/1yTADjh )