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24-07-2017 08:02:48  <punkman>   the patriarchy. Does that mean daddy or our brothers? Is it the stranger who raped us? Or is it the first man who broke our heart or the first one we married who cheated on us? Maybe it's the pope or God himself, but it's definitely mankind. "

23-04-2017 23:43:11  <funkenstein_>   ?In any case, if we overthrow God and find the new regime not to our liking, we can always call in reinforcements from hell,? he added. ?They are staunchly pro-American.?

11-12-2015 14:51:36  <mircea_popescu>   i suppose by 2018 it will be samuel l jackson and the lord our god.

13-09-2015 23:23:38  <assbot>   Logged on 13-09-2015 21:26:22; trinque: god yes, lets project our weakness as far as possible into space

13-09-2015 21:26:22  <trinque>   god yes, lets project our weakness as far as possible into space

13-05-2015 07:18:34  <mircea_popescu>   "To our son, his excellency, Mr Barack Hussein Obama. I have said to you before, that even if Libya and the United States of America enter into a war, god forbid, you will always remain a son. Your picture will not be changed."

03-05-2015 20:45:51  <Adlai>   "Few Jewish religious texts have provoked as much indignation and discomfort as the brief passage that is recited by traditional Jewish men at the beginning of the daily morning prayers: “Blessed are you, Lord, our God, ruler of the universe who has not created me a woman.” For many, it expresses a quintessential misogyny that lies at the core of our patriarchal religion."

31-01-2015 02:31:54  <mircea_popescu>   We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.? << this part is the funniest, incidentally, considering the APPALLING record of usg agents trying to infiltrate a god damnd public channel so far.

26-11-2014 20:34:19  <assbot>   Logged on 14-11-2014 22:31:04; mircea_popescu: can this be like, our god ?

26-11-2014 20:34:08  <assbot>   13 results for 'our god' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=our+god

26-11-2014 20:34:07  <asciilifeform>   !s our god

14-11-2014 22:31:04  <mircea_popescu>   can this be like, our god ?

13-10-2014 03:20:38  <diametric>   the incoming ebola pandemic is brought to you by the evil nazi atheist muslim obama, and his horde of unbelieving non-republican swine that infect our great god fearing nation.

24-04-2014 19:02:41  <pankkake>   fluffypony: oh god, it's our friend dotcoin/bitcoinbourse … https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=189119.0

21-04-2014 19:45:43  <mircea_popescu>   god help us if our opinions of these subjectives do not agree.

19-04-2014 08:48:04  <mircea_popescu>   "But Andreas Topulopulus , our God And Bitcoin Leader said we can trust him?"

04-04-2014 21:11:06  <Luke-Jr>   danielpbarron: twofold: 1) to make amends to God; 2) to give up legitimate pleasure, as practice for subjecting our bodies to our will so that when we are tempted to do evil, we can resist it better

17-02-2014 15:20:22  <asciilifeform>   hen came to them in person, and asked 'what more do you wish?' they answered thusly: 'it is known only to god, lord, and to you: do that which god commands you.' he asked further of them: 'do you wish me to make you happy in this world, wanting for nothing?' they, awaiting from him great generosity, replied in unison, 'yes, we do want, our lord!' and then drakula ordered the house sealed and put to the torch, a

07-02-2014 16:40:52  <mircea_popescu>   god forbid they experience something irl. lettuce "experiment" shit holed away in our concrete box.

28-01-2014 17:10:47  <deadweasel>   exactly, more conditioning. I'm saying I'm aware of my own conditioning, to a degree, thank god. but my 'part' would be my perceived 'value' to my 'family' 'nation' etc. We have all sorts of beliefs warping our minds.

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