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11-12-2016 00:21:05  <asciilifeform>   i must warn jurov , if he expects boeing, skyscraper, ticket to mars, immortality, he will probably be disappointed.

11-12-2016 00:19:48  <asciilifeform>   + skyscraper ? + what.

23-05-2016 20:19:22  <asciilifeform>   gravity mighty sux when you're falling off a skyscraper.

05-11-2015 18:45:48  <mircea_popescu>   i don't care you sat on your tatched roof in mongolia and thus "dreamed" of skyscraper.

12-10-2015 17:04:10  <ascii_field>   because we discard, or emplace, axioms, based on whether we get timecube or skyscraper.

18-09-2015 05:03:49  <asciilifeform>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-09-2015#1278246 << this ~has~ to be some kind of disinfo. it seems impossible, like hearing about a demolished skyscraper un-exploding, an egg un-breaking and picking itself up from the kitchen floor and sliding back into the chicken

12-09-2015 18:11:41  <asciilifeform>   a gigantic stone on which you can build a skyscraper also 'handles great organizational complexity'

25-06-2015 01:46:37  <asciilifeform>   after that, it's merely a matter of 'build skyscraper'

17-06-2015 13:37:14  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu's point about the 'excluded middle' ( http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=13-06-2015#1163457 << thread ) is valid, but it simply means that we are falling from skyscraper and trying to invent parachute on our way down.

03-04-2015 19:50:30  <asciilifeform>   or at least, like a skyscraper, but sorta inverted

03-04-2015 03:28:42  <asciilifeform>   but think of it as a skyscraper foundation. there is tremendous pressure on it

08-03-2015 21:43:14  <pete_dushenski>   like the seagull that keeps flying into the window of the skyscraper

14-02-2015 00:07:27  <mircea_popescu>   asciilifeform minor nitpick : all these people that never ever head foreman'd a construction yard shjould stfu about "tools". the tools used to build a skyscraper are, by and large, cheaper, more worn versions of the expensive DIY crap.

06-11-2014 01:24:17  <ben_vulpes>   i've been working out of a client's office on the 27th floor of this skyscraper downtown all week, and every time i walk outside i'm struck with gut-level desires to insulate myself from the people derping around outside the building.

30-10-2014 18:24:51  <asciilifeform>   ben_vulpes: they aren't published for the mundane reason of 'i paid $maxint for skyscraper, why should others live in it for nothing'

19-08-2014 03:47:19  <asciilifeform>   like the doomed office plankton jumping from a burning skyscraper, they don't much care where they land.

07-08-2014 05:46:51  <decimation>   where's the skyscraper that has filled with squatters and shit?

27-07-2014 18:53:56  <asciilifeform>   see mircea_popescu's skyscraper example.

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25-07-2014 03:09:30  <asciilifeform>   !s skyscraper

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